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IOS Application

At GEEKS ROOT, we have skilled ios developers who can build COMPATIBLE apps. We are known in the industry to develop custom iOS apps by focusing on specific guidelines and requirements of every platform. We are motivated to build more eye capturing apps in ios platform in upcoming time

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Android Application

Now-a-days, almost everyone has smart phone so, it is the requirement of today to build a massive range of android apps. Geeks root has such a skillful android team who could fulfill all of your functional and non-functional requirements. Geeks root next target is to cope in android platform and yes we are pretty sure to give tough time in this area.

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hybrid application

A hybrid application is a software application that combines elements of both native apps and web applications. Feature of the hybrid applications that it can integration with the mobile device file system and with web based services. Hybrid apps are typically written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Through the use of plugins, these applications can have full access to the mobile device’s features. The device’s browser engine is used to render HTML and JavaScript and native APIs to access device-specific hardware.


native application

A native application is a software application built in a specific programming language, for the specific device platform, either iOS or Android. Swift or Objective-C is used to write native iOS apps, Java is used to write native Android apps, and C# for the most part for Windows Phone apps. Native applications have broad functionalities due to using the capabilities of the underlying device. Native apps offer the fastest, most reliable and most responsive experience to users.