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Universe Queen

Universe Queen leads the way as an innovative online platform committed to the trade of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Within this dynamic marketplace, creators, collectors, and enthusiasts come together to engage in the immersive world of buying and selling one-of-a-kind digital assets.

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At Geeks Root, we are thrilled to present 'Universe Queen,' a pioneering NFT-based website designed to showcase and facilitate the sale of unique digital assets. This platform underscores our commitment to crafting cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly merge the world of art and technology


As a company, our paramount goal was to create an innovative digital space that effectively showcases and facilitates the sale of NFTs. We aimed to provide artists and collectors with a visually captivating, secure, and user-friendly platform that harnesses the power of NFT technology to its fullest potential.

Time Duration
14 Weeks 7+ Screens
  • Mastering the intricacies of NFT technology.
  • Ensuring a secure and transparent marketplace for digital assets.
  • Delivering a visually engaging platform that caters to diverse needs.
  • Integrating complex blockchain technology seamlessly.
  • Ensuring scalability and high performance to accommodate growing NFT collections.
  • Meeting evolving industry standards and regulations.
  • Balancing aesthetics with functionality to create a captivating user experience.
  • Navigating the rapidly changing landscape of digital art and NFTs.
  • Ensuring a seamless and user-friendly onboarding process for artists and collectors.
  • Implementing robust security measures to protect digital assets and user data.
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Tools Used
  • Figma Figma
  • Illustrator Illustrator
  • git GIT
  • Metamask Metamask
  • Cpanel Cpanel
  • Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code
  • CSS3 CSS3
  • JS JS
  • mysql MySQL
  • Wordpress CMS Wordpress CMS
Problem Statement

In an increasingly digital art landscape, artists and collectors require a reliable, secure, and visually appealing platform to showcase and trade NFTs. Existing solutions often lack the comprehensive features and user-friendliness needed to fully harness the potential of NFT technology

Solution Statement

Universe Queen was conceived as an innovative solution to address this problem statement. We meticulously designed a platform that offers artists a captivating canvas to display their NFTs and collectors a secure marketplace to explore and acquire digital assets. With features that emphasize transparency, user-friendliness, and aesthetics, our goal was to empower both creators and collectors in the realm of digital art.

Client Feedback

We are profoundly impressed with the exceptional work accomplished by Geeks Root in the development of the "Universe Queen" NFT website. Geeks Root's dedication to understanding our specific requirements and their commitment to delivering a user-centric, efficient, and visually engaging platform have exceeded our expectations.

Universe Queen NEXT
Alex Martins Co-Founder of The Equity Index

Excellent and efficient service It was an absolute pleasure to work with Geeks Root, and with Khalid in particular - they understood the brief right away, and were very efficient and responsive via email and text. We were very satisfied with our final web design and have received many compliments about the way it looks. Overall, would highly recommend hiring them for your web design needs.

Clint Anderson Master Barber at Grand Master Fades

I love these guys!!! Super supportive! I hope to continue to do business with them for years to come

Tiffany Johnson Owner of Tifftop Shape Gym

Absolutely love my design This team did an amazing job with bringing my logo to life! Exactly what I wanted and more! Great work, great and quick with communication, will absolutely recommend and use again. Thank you so much I absolutely love my logo design!!!

Joanna Maroussis Real Estate Agent

What an awesome experience ! Working with Geeks Root was an awesome and simple experience. We worked through few revisions and Tyler was always calm and encouraging- even if i had negative feedback to some of the design concepts. I was made comfortable and did not feel rushed through the process. I would happily recommend them for logo design. In the end- I have a perfect logo for my business .

Ryan Zynger Owner of Zynger Events

Geeks Root was able to turn around a… Geeks Root was able to turn around a project quickly and professionally. I enjoyed the experience and will definitely with them again!

Lisa Santos CEO of Relentless

This was a very good experience. Sam and his team did a fantastic job answering my questions and making sure I was happy with the end result. I highly recommend.

Kay Victoria Hindmarsh
Kay Victoria Hindmarsh VP - treydora

I found Geeksroot while searching for a company to develop a website for my new business, and was impressed by the clarity the team communicated to me before I chose them- I’m not tech savvy and they really made me understand clearly what would be included in our deal. Sid and Khalid worked on my site mainly, and they did a fabulous job. I highly recommend.

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